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Vakarufalhi Island Resort

ADh. Vakarufalhi, South Ari Atoll
90 km from Velana International Airport, Malé
25 minutes by seaplane


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Scuba Diving
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Vakarufalhi Island Resort - One of the best superior deluxe Maldives resorts, tucked away in the remote corner of South Ari atoll, 90km away from the airport, Vakarufalhi is among the pearls that make up the amazing Maldives Islands.

Vakarufalhi, better known as Vakaru is a tropical island enhanced by swaying coconut palms and white sandy beaches. Surrounding the island is a pristine lagoon enriched by a stunningly beautiful living house reef. These features combined with traditional Maldivian building concepts, makes Vakarufalhi a haven of nature and tranquility. Almost a quarter of a square kilometer of land area with 50 sea front Beach Villas spread evenly around the island and 25 Water Villas creates an atmosphere which rejuvenates your body and mind.

Room Categories

Land Room
62 sq feet

The beach villas indulge guests with a feeling of complete isolation in the middle of a private paradise while being surrounded by the very best amenities. All 45 Beach Villas on the island are individual bungalows that are spread out across the Vakarufalhi island and are surrounded by lush tropical flora & fauna. All these Maldivian style beach villas are topped off with its very own secluded private beach. Vakaru beach villas are perfect for a private getaway. The surrounding lagoon and direct beach access makes it the perfect way to experience everything the Maldives Islands have to offer.

Land Room
0 sq feet

The Vakarufalhi Garden Villas offer a unique Maldivian experience from the Beach Villas, as they provide views of lush vegetation and the lagoon. These Garden Villa’s are styled according to traditional Maldivian Architecture.

Over Water Villa
114 sq feet

The epitome of luxury and independance. Valkarufalhi, Over Water Villas provide guests with the ultimate experience of the Maldives. Located on top of the tranquil azure ocean, these villas are spacious and oversized for the ultimate indulgence. Each is fitted with an extra-large bedroom and bathroom with a separate walk-in closet. The villas are also equipped with retractable windows which open the room up to spectacular views of the stunning Maldivan ocean and deck. The bed of the villa also faces the stunning views of the ocean. At Vakarufalhi, we believe that it is the small details that provide guests with an overall wonderful stay and memories to last a life time.

Land Room
0 sq feet

The Pool Villa suite is situated with a view of the lagoon & the sea. The suite consists of two separate double bedrooms, a living room and a shared private plunge pool. The bedroom offers all the facilities of a beach villa with a spacious bathroom open to the villa’s private garden and a separate large open shower. The complete pool villa suite is surrounded by a wall for absolute privacy. This is an ideal room for a family.


Spa at Vakaru is designed to enhance your satisfaction by adding further comfort and relaxation to your valuable stay. All the treatments are carefully selected combination of holistic treatments ranging from Indian Ayruveda, Oriental and Swedish Massages, body works and beauty treatments. Treat jetlag from the long flight, relax the tensioned muscles from busy and hectic life and remove the tension in your mind from work place.


Many visitors come to the Maldives to enjoy the unique underwater beauty of the Maldives. With excellent dive sites in the area Vakarufalhi is the ideal location for a diving holiday. Most of the 35 dive sites or more that are visited regularly are in deeper channels towards the outer reef. The Centre can offer something for everyone; Thila diving, outreef diving with plenty of caves and walls. Some of the dive sites around Vakarufalhi are famous for their soft coral formations and the opportunity to encounter whale-sharks and Manta rays.

water sports

The water sport center offers non-motorized water sports for new or experienced windsurfers and catamaran sailors. Instructors are available to give lessons on water sports equipment. Kayaks are available to row along the lagoon. All this combined ensuring that your holiday is stimulating and action packed.


The full day excursion takes you around to two very different islands and a snorkeling point. The excursion begins in the morning after breakfast. First you are taken to a local inhibited island for sightseeing and shopping, then your taken to an uninhabited island for BBQ lunch. After lunch, you will have the chance to snorkel in total seclusion at a beautiful reef before heading back to Vakarufalhi.

sports and recreation

Beautiful white sand beach, a magnificent lagoon and excellent house reef for snorkeling, beach volleyball, badminton, table tennis, darts, foot ball, yoga or Pilates, snorkeling boat excursions and fishing excursions including morning, sunset and deep sea trip. 

sports and recreation

A “Sunset Wedding” at the beach, a traditional wedding ceremony on a white sandy beach, decorated with coconut palm leaves and flowers. The “Maldivian Wedding” features taste of a traditional island ceremony, truly a Maldivian experience. This package includes bridal spa treatment, double layer wedding cake, bottle of champagne, wedding dinner with wine, wedding certificate and a digital image CD. Room will be decorated to your surprise for the night.


Wining and Dining

  • Private Dining

    The remoteness of the island does not limit your dining choices, try the outdoor dining adventures offered at the island. Starting with simple candle lit dinner, endless journey of steamboat and BBQ dinner where your choice of food will be cooked by you on your dinner table to the very exclusive desert island couple only dinners are served. At Vakarufalhi, the Food & Beverage Team is ready to prepare your dream dinning experience by combining your creativity with the expertise of the team.

  • Ihaa

    The Ihaa Bar, offers al fresco dining on a deck overlooking the lagoon serving you carefully crafted beverages and snacks. The perfect place to sip a thoughtfully prepared drink and unwind to the sight and sounds of the beautiful ocean. The bar also provides other entertainment and the barman definitely keeps you enthralled as he artfully juggles your cocktail to the beats of very own in-house DJ’s.

  • Ilaa Restaurant

    Is an open thatched roof restaurant located on an extended wooden deck. Ilaa represents the truest style of Maldivian dining with modern touches. It is the perfect way to have a laid back and relaxing breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    The cuisine at ILAA is an international buffet with focus on vibrant flavours from Europe and the Mediterranean. There is a wide variety of British, French, Italian and Mediterranean food on offer. The pasta & pizza offerings are particularly popular and as are the range of sinful desserts.

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