Flight Handling

Fly in once, you will always

Our flight handling services meet all your ground support requirements and takes care of every detail of your commercial or private flight operation to Maldives.

We serve for scheduled, chartered and ad-hoc carriers at all airports of Maldives from planning to take-off, landing and beyond. Our operations are 24 hours and are handled by our qualified and experienced flight dispatchers available 24 hours to meet your flight service requirements. Our team is comprised of experienced personnel with expertise, who understand the importance of every segment of the service.

We are specialized in tailor-made aircraft operational logistic services to suit your needs from private aircraft charter operations, aircraft handling, aircraft ground support services, overfly and landing permits in Maldives.

What happens outside the plane is just as important as what happens in it. We handle all complexities of aircraft ground support operations.

In our flight handling services we oversee,

Flight Planning

With our experienced flight planners, you will be assured of accuracy and flexibility. We use our experience and our vast database of information to prepare the most efficient route to any destination.

Parking slots

Maldives international airports require parking slots to be obtained prior to issuing landing permits. As your Operator, we obtain your parking permit, which is valid for arrival, parking and departure. In any event of slots being not available during peak seasons, we do continuous monitoring for any last-minute cancellation of other aircraft in order to obtain such slots for our clients.

Landing and Overflying Permits

With our established relations with civil aviation authorities, our team with their extensive experience in the flight services sector and up-to-date acquaintance with the latest permit procedures, are devoted 24/7 to obtaining overflying and landing permits for your aircraft all across Maldives in a timely and an efficient manner, regardless of short-notice requests, last-minute changes or emergency-handling requests.

Fuel supply

With our coordination with Maldives Airport Company Limited (MACL) we ensure timely fuel supply for your aircraft’s fuel requirements. We do the submission of fuel release orders on behalf of our clients. We are committed to serving our client’s goal of securing the best price and service in today’s volatile fuel market.


Our team also oversees the meals provided to our clients are up to the international standard hygienic level to meet the airline customers’ satisfaction. Among the variety of cuisines available are classical French, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Thai and even meals meeting medical and religious dietary requirements.

We know that the food served on-board a charter flight can leave a lasting impression with the customer of the air service. We ensure that the catered food tastes perfect, but is also reasonably priced and well presented.

Operations and Load Control

We ensure proper and optimum distribution of the aircraft load. Our team coordinates and supervises the entire turnaround process. As the interface between the Airport services and the customer, in addition we function as trouble shooters in the event of disagreements. We also offer our customers crew briefing, weather information and push-back support.

Cargo Handling

We ensure rapid cargo handling with ramp transfer, short transfer times, handling of bulk good transports, IATA standard SGH/Annex A and/or special agreements, jointly developed handling packages in accordance with individual customer requirements and short handling times. Unless otherwise agreed, physical cargo handling is on the basis of IATA SGHA 2004 according to AHM 24th Edition 2004 and the liability regulations therein and the relevant provisions of the Maldives Freight Handling Regulations as most recently amended.

Customs and Immigration

We ensure processes of Customs and immigration are quick and smooth and assist with clearance formalities upon entry and exit.

Passenger Handling

Time and efficiency are two important factors in the aeronautics industry. The Airport services in Maldives are being consistently expanded and improved to ensure rapid handling of arriving and departing passengers and baggage.

Our trained professional staff ensure a smooth handling of passengers from disembarkation to baggage collection and from check-in to boarding. Our staff are a proactive and responsible workforce, selected on criteria such as motivation and resourcefulness. You will find in our team the speed, flexibility, perfect coordination, high standards in passenger handling and the maximum sense of responsibility.

VIP and diplomats services

We offer VIP handling services for any type of aircraft at Velana International Airport Male or any other international Airport in Maldives that includes diplomatic clearance.

We serve the modern business traveller having the knowledge of their requirements, and we provide a range of services to make them feel as comfortable as possible and be as productive as possible.

Our CIP Meet and Greet service features the luxury lounge service at Velana International Airport, Malé. On arrival and departure from Maldives, after and before long hours of flying you could enjoy this luxury while the regular formalities are taken care of seamlessly.

Crew logistics

We make sure that the flight crew can relax and enjoy while in the Maldives by coordinating all their formalities with the relevant authorities.

We arrange crew accommodation at discounted rates at any location in Maldives. As an inbound travel wholesaler, we have affiliations with all resorts and hotels of Maldives to support you with the best deals for accommodation.

We also provide a variety of transportation options for crew to their layover accommodation in maximum comfort.

Ramp Services

The ramp services we supervise include meeting and coordination of marshalling the aircraft, offloading and loading, equipment supply, organizing ground power units, air condition units, push-back services, interior cleaning, provision of toilet and water services, storage of pallets, containers and other unit load devices.


Our loading service includes the handling of bulk and containerised compartments in all versions defined in the IATA handling manual. The loading and unloading of an aircraft in the shortest possible time calls for comprehensive and precise coordination. Our team is capable of reacting flexibly and quickly to unforeseen circumstances.


Our sanitary services include mobile water filling and emptying, evacuation, cleaning and refilling of toilets and all general disposal services.


We deliver and supervise the aircraft interior cleaning service to scheduled, charter and ad-hoc carriers operating to and from Maldives. We offer our customers a wide range of hygiene services such as cabin cleaning, thorough and exterior cleaning. We arrange a special high-speed cleaning service for delayed flights, helping our customers in this way to make up for any lost time.


Passengers and crew are our customers’ most valuable asset. Our planning ensures that passengers and crew members arrive at the aircraft on time.