Cruise Handling

Anchor in your dream service

As your Port-of-call partner in the Maldives, we are your complete solutions provider in your passenger line operations to Maldives, taking care of every essence of your Maldives cruise operation.

Our span of services stretch from cruise line representation along all handling agency services in which we administer the formalities of inward and outward clearance, berthing and all other related processes of the port calls with all infrastructure support services, up to our specialized passenger services of concierge and on-shore recreational services. All of these will be well executed with the highest expertise to ensure efficient turnarounds of vessels.

Our experienced, resourceful and highly trained personnel will consistently make sure that you collect the best experience of the destination from your Maldives call, even though it can be short, and are always available for expert advice and guidance for planning.

Agency services

We provide these services for passenger vessels and super-yachts.

  • Arranging of berthing formalities
  • Inward and outward clearance
  • Pre-clearing of customs, immigration and Maldivian Bio-security
  • Provision of Pilots, and Pilot exemptions for super-yachts
  • Charter permits for super-yachts 
  • Scheduling and cruising advice
  • Inter Atoll Cruising
  • Bunkering
  • Communication
  • Clearance and delivery of supplies
  • Procurement of parts
  • Deck supplies
  • Provisioning
  • Medical assistance
  • Crew movements and logistics
  • Waste disposal
  • Supplying of potable water
  • Freight forwarding, customs clearance and delivery of supplies
  • Inter-atoll cruising permits
  • Co-ordination of dry dockings and repairs for super-yachts
  • 24 hours contactability
  • Manpower

Concierge and guest services

  • Tailor made tours for guests
  • Travel arrangements and coordination
  • VIP Meet and Greet service at any airport in the Maldives for private and commercial flights on the tarmac and transfer assistance
  • Reservations and information on any resort, private Island, dinner arrangements, visiting resorts, private islands or local islands
  • Onboard event organizing
  • Cultural programs and entertainment shows onboard the ships and yachts
  • Private diving

Shore excursions

These are some of the popular day trips organised by us for cruise ships docking Malé.

  • Scenic photo flights
  • Sightseeing tour of Malé city
  • Half day resort island trips
  • Full day resort island trips
  • Submarine expedition
  • The Maldives beach party
  • Local inhabited island trips
  • Snorkelling trips
  • Game fishing trips
  • Shopping tours
  • Scuba diving
  • Beach escapades
  • Surfing adventures
  • Windsurfing and other watersports activities