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Equator Village

S. Gan Island, Addu (Seenu) Atoll
540 km from Velana International Airport, Malé
95 minutes by domestic flight


Swimming Pool
Scuba Diving
All Inclusive Package
Ayurvedic Treatments

Welcome to Equator Village spa resort- the alluring tropical beauty of Addu Atoll. Nestled in one of the largest, most interestingly formed and historically rich atolls of Maldives, an exotic adventure begins the moment you start your journey from INIA to Gan International Airport. This is not your typical Maldivian resort; this is an equatorial escape into a land of culture and nature entwined together.

Room Categories

Land Room
0 sq feet

Tree lined pathways through courtyard gardens lead to the 78 quaint bungalows chic with a European twist at Equator Village in Maldives. Each accommodation with comfortable white wicker seating in spacious verandas, ideal for a private tea party in the midst of tropical blooms. The Standard rooms opening into a lush courtyard garden. Spacious and cool, designed with simple European elegance.


Serena Spa encompasses skills and natural secrets passed down from generations of healers to ease any lingering tensions aches or worries. After an hour of being pampered from head to toe, you will float out lighter, happier and more in tune with your natural environment. Live out your adventure in a relaxed environment. Warm ambiance enhanced by fragrant flora and gliding white terns. A bike ride through lazy roads, a chance to sit by a tranquil mangrove. All this and more, if you care to explore.

Serena Spa of Equator Village offers a wide selection of aromatic oils, and age-old treatments to sooth your mind and body. Ancient ayurveda therapies, beauty treatments and packages specially designed to completely revive and revitalize all your senses after a day in the sun.


Pristine reefs teamed with exotic species of fish, and year around mantas makes diving here at Equator Village resort awe-inspiring. Divers get to see the largest dive wreck in Maldives – the British Loyalty, a historic treasure spanning 140 meters. Lying on its starboard side at a maximum depth of 33 meters, this vertical orientation leaves the upper portion at a depth rage of 17 meters making it more accessible for beginners as well. With a seasoned passionate team, latest scuba gears, nitrox and more, the Dive center at Equator Village - Diverland is always ready and raring to take both the novice and experienced on exciting underwater adventures.


Excursions includes visiting unihabited & inhabited islands, night fishing, big game fishing and many more.

sports and recreation

Tennis court with floodlights, squash, volleyball, dart, billiard, table tennis, catamaran-sailing, windsurfing and of course, snorkeling are available. For All-Inclusive packages bikes are available for day excursions on Gan or to the neighboring islands. For those who like to jog or walk there are plenty of possibilities on Gan itself. 

Wining and Dining

  • The bar

    The bar lights up in cheerfully warm splendor. A fresh drink, a new friend, an exotic adventure. Salute, to the southern beauty of Maldives at Equator Village. Just the right distance from the pool, restaurant and entertainment room, the Veragan Bar lights up the area in cheerfully warm splendor. A good selection of all-inclusive drinks is marked easily for your convenience. This is a place to relax, chill and swap stories with fellow travelers.

  • Blue Lagoon Restaurant

    Everyday begins with a smile; A beaming chef greets you with a sunny side up, the mood is infectious. Opening to overlook the surrounding gardens, the Blue Lagoon Restaurant offers buffets of Western, Oriental and Eastern Asian and local cuisine. The wonderfully light and airy atmosphere, teamed with our friendly experienced staff makes every meal a warm welcoming addition to your holiday.

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