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Brennia Kottefaru Maldives

R. Kottefaru, Raa Atoll
156 km from Velana International Airport, Malé
40 minutes by domestic flight, 40 minutes by seaplane


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Located on Kottefaru island in Raa Atoll in the morthern Maldives, the brand-new resort, Brennia Kottefaru opened for guests in January 2020. With 190 villas in 10 categories ranging from Beach Villas and Garden Villas to Water Villas, Brennia Kottefaru offers timeless luxury with authentic and indulgent interiors.

The 15 hectare island is accessible by a picturesque 40 minutes seaplane trip from Velana International Airport, or by a 40-minute domestic flight to Ifuru Airport, followed by a short speedboat ride.

This resort expertly combines comfort with luxury, offering every amenity to guests. Located directly on the island’s white sand beaches, many accommodations are just metres from the turquoise shore. For those looking for a more vibrant view, the Brennia resort also offers luxurious Garden Villas which are located amongst the tropical flora. Staying true to the quintessential vision of Maldives holidays, this hotel has a selection of over-water villas with incredible and picture-worthy views. Should you wish to relax beside a private pool rather than stepping into the ocean, there are multiple room categories which include this to choose from.

The dining opportunities at this resort also aspire to create lasting impressions, offering an exceptional variety of dishes to enjoy throughout your stay. For an unforgettable evening, enjoy dinner at the Sunset Grill which is aptly named as this is the perfect place to relax and indulge as the sun sets.

If you are an enthusiast of marine life, head to the resort’s Water Sports Centre and utilise their fantastic diving equipment. A range of excursions and water-based activities are on offer to Brennia guests, promising a break from relaxation for those who need it.

One major distinction is the island's focus on nature and culture. The resort hosts an art gallery showcasing Maldivian culture in over 1,000 pieces of work by local artists. 

They further operate gyms, spas, and restaurants where guests can relish the taste of delicious and diverse cuisines and sip exclusive cocktails by the pool as they watch the sky fade from vivid blue to the many shades of sunset. The eighteen room 'Spa Village' established on the island is the first of its kind.

Room Categories

Land Room
79 sq feet

Looking all rustic, the Brennia Kottefaru Bougain Villas provides a highly romantic and homely atmosphere with how it aptly blending in with the surroundings. Being perfect for couples who would like some private celebration to rekindle their togetherness, this basic residence category presents 79 sqm interior roofed by terracotta shingles, in addition to the exterior provision. The villa guarantees comfort accommodation that exceeds your expectations.

Land Room
143 sq feet

There are 47 villas available on the pristine beach of the island covered in lush greenery from all around. The spacious bedroom area stuffs itself with all the best available modern comforts while the bathroom portion comes with a comfy outdoor garden shower.

Land Room
159 sq feet

Here the exterior is going to excel and astonish you setting up a lavish outdoor sun terrace adjacent to the private beach area that slowly merges with oceanfront via the small open amidst the foliage. Guarded by pleasant-looking walls set sideways, the private infinity pool is located overlooking the oceanfront.

Over Water Villa
111 sq feet

Getting your neighborhood made amidst the turquoise lagoon is always the ultimate end of many couples who would prefer private celebration in the Maldives. The endless view of the ocean, direct access to the lagoon, tranquility of the water that overwhelms your abode all the time and the secluded existence are the characteristics that make Brennia Kottefaru Water Villas all the more romantic and honeymoon friendly.

Over Water Villa
130 sq feet

Literally your home and familiar world of the living are elegantly recreated here over the crystal clear lagoon water of Raa atoll. Set under the terracotta shingles roofing that looks rustic yet adorable, these water villas at Brennia Kottefaru Maldives spans across 130 sqm interior, featuring a lavish outdoor terrace with a private pool built in utmost seclusion.

Over Water Villa
143 sq feet

Deluxe Water Pool Villa would be a judicious mixture of both a merry-making mood and private romantic moments since the interior cares for your comfort bedding and other wellness amenities and the sun terrace at this overwater villa would be concentrating on providing endless fun with a private pool and water slide.


Make some time for your body well being here at our iconic spa arena, Brennia Spa that would soothe your body and soul. Positioned on the island hidden amidst lush flora our spa program caters to bodily and mental well being of our guests providing with a wide range of indulgent treatments and therapies that would help boost you, revive you and comfort you taking away all the impure elements of stress and fatigue from your body. Our spa features 18 private treatment rooms for singles and couples, that would be led by expert spa specialists who are well versed in the oriental ways of rejuvenating and healing. 


The resort has a diving centre – located close to the shore for your ease – where diving activities are conducted by Ocean Dimensions, a brand specialising in diving and water sports operations. Under their management, the dive centre organises an array of both dive trips and lessons. Dive trips are done by boat and can vary from dives in the morning or afternoon to full day or private excursions, depending on your specific requirements. PADI certification programmes are also available, including beginner courses and specialty and rescue courses for veterans. For those who want to take advantage of this opportunity, they also have the PADI eLearning Initiative, an approach specially designed so that guests can complete the theory aspects of the course online and ahead of time. They also have the Bubble Maker course for children to introduce them to the wonders under the sea.

Jetskiing, waterskiing, mono-skiing, wakeboard, kneeboarding, catamarans, windsurfing, kitesurfing, parasailing, fun tubes and more. 

Wining and Dining

  • La Pela

    Seating arrangement for two hundred people at a time around the resort's vast and wide swimming pool that has been set facing the grandeur of oceanfront? Sure, it would be the most vibrant spot on this Kottefaru island with all the guests gathering together catching up with each other, enjoying luxury drinks, coffees, energy drinks, and snacks.

  • Lime

    This is where all the limelight falls on! Securing the scenic portion of the island adjacent to the beach, Lime is the primary restaurant at Brennia Kottefaru Maldives set in the backdrop of the serene Indian Ocean. Opening all day long, this food court facilitates a huge seating capacity of 400 guests at a time with both indoor and outdoor dining and couple and group eating arrangements. When the breakfast is served on a grand continental buffet, the lunch and dinner would be la carte mode with everything you wanted getting served right to where you are seated by our extremely hospitable attendants. 

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