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Adaaran Select Meedhupparu

R.Meedhupparu, Raa Atoll
130 km from Velana International Airport, Malé
45 minutes by seaplane


Swimming Pool
Scuba Diving
Children's Facilities
All Inclusive Package
Jacuzzi Villas
Ayurvedic Treatments
Disabled Access
Baby Sitting

With the promise of an incomparable holiday in the tropics, Adaaran Select Meedhupparu offers blissful accommodation for the discerning traveller to Maldives. Bask under the healing sunshine and soak up the alluring sights and sounds of a truly enchanting island in the tropics. Adaaran Select Meedhupparu offers tranquil settings brimming with luxury. Surrender your senses to the soothing atmosphere and experience opulence redefined.

Meedhupparu Island Resort spreads over 43 acres of land base. It has a lush and thick vegetation all around and is the only resort developed on the Raa Atoll. The island has an excellent beach surrounding it, and a large lagoon area, which is ideal for watersports. It is in close proximity to excellent diving areas hitherto unexplored. This resort hotel is a beautiful island with a big beach for your dream vacation.

Room Categories

Land Room
47 sq feet

The beach villas at Adaaran Select Meedhupparu also offer picturesque sights of the glistening, turquoise seas while granting easy access to the white, sandy beaches of the island. Elegantly furnished to offer guests ample space to unwind, the wooden interiors of the coastal villas create a warm setting.


An Ayurvedic sojourn at Adaaran Meedhupparu is the perfect restorative for those stressed and disoriented by the rushed, unbalanced, often toxic lifestyles of today.

Other treatments include the reflexology therapy available at Coconut Spa which is an ideal treatment to streamline energy flow passing through the body. By increasing the sensitivity of these key reflex points attain mental and physical harmony as you steadily move towards a healthier sense of being. 

Also surrender your body and mind to a variety of traditional treatments and begin the process of cleansing and detoxification. Feel the warmth of the herbal oils seep through your skin as our skilled massage therapists sharpen your sense by activating the key pressure points of your body.


Scuba diving in the hotel reef and neighbouring dive sites at Meedhupparu will open your eyes to the tiers of multi coloured corals, schools of small mesmerizing coral fish together with graceful stingrays that elegantly glide through the water and sleek sharks that prowl the seabed.

Explore the world underwater in its richest sense while you dive your way through it. Let the deep underwater calm your soul while you enjoy the wonderful scenes that could only be found under the rippling waves of the sea.

water sports

Watersports include snorkeling, paddle sports, satamaran sailing, windsurfing and other motorized watersports as well.


Adaaran Select Meedhupparu offers unrestricted access to the immaculate beaches encircling the island, several excursions are offered to the guest, Morning fishing is among the most preferred forms of unraveling the mysteries in the Maldives. Such excursions can be scheduled upon request.

sports and recreation

Resort recreational activities include: tennis court, table tennis, billiard room, swimming pool, beach volleyball, gymnasium, steam room and salon.

sports and recreation

Ever wondered why the Maldives is a much sought after wedding destination? Getting married in the Maldives means being surrounded by miles upon miles of endless Azure Ocean that kisses golden shores whilst the interiors of the atolls are filled with lush verdant vegetation teeming with vibrant life makes Adaaran Select Meedhupparu a very exotic locale for a splendid Maldives renewal of vows.Walk down to the shore where a decorated enclave is setup up for your ceremony made up of intertwined palm leaves garnished in colourful tropical flowers. Step up in front of the priest to take your vows under the guise of local traditions and customs.Then once you have symbolised your union, enjoy champagne on the beach and a slice of delicious wedding cake garnished in tropical fruits as Maldivian drummers send you off on an ocean cruise via a specially decorated dhoni.

The next morning partake in a sumptuous champagne breakfast under the morning sun and an elegant five course dinner under the blanket of night amongst the invigorating sea breeze and the sound of the whispering waves.

Wining and Dining

  • Main Restaurant

    Presenting tantalizing buffets, the Main Restaurant at Adaaran Select Meedhupparu offers a remarkable variety of cuisines and flavours each day. Everything from fresh fruit to succulent meat dishes are featured at the Main Restaurant, including vegetarian options prepared with the use of fresh produce.Elegantly furnished, the Main Restaurant offers a charming setting where you can enjoy your meal in peace. Complete with attentive service, dining here is an experience to savour.

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