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aaaVeee Nature's Paradise

Dhoores Island, Dhaalu Atoll
158 km from Velana International Airport, Malé
40 minutes by seaplane


Scuba Diving

An Island Resort surrounded by Nature, full of colorful surprises and wonders. Make Dhoores your home, your island; Yes, your Private Maldives Island & feel free to live your life. Freely, to the extend you wish. Their is no other Island in the Maldives like Dhoores. It has got everything, be it house reef, vegetation, lagoon & etc…It’s Your Resort, Your Island, Your Life & Your World. The ONLY authentic Maldivian retreat, said to be the best “Nature Discovery Island Resort” in the World.

Come to the most Nature’s friendly resort ever developed in the Maldives. Nature’s is at the heart of this beautiful island in Dhaalu Atoll, a short 40 minute seaplane tour and step on to this wonder island, Nature’s Paradise. You will be instantly lost in the Nature’s of our island to feel what a real island paradise in Maldives is like.

Room Categories

Land Room
134 sq feet

The cheapest accommodation option available in resort. Similar to the other options, majority of the woodwork features coconut timber. The coconut trees that were removed from the island for construction have been used making this a very eco-friendly room with a modern touch to comfort yourselves. The wooden private roof top decks of these villas awaits of your arrival, enjoy reading or be it with your partner spending quality time together cherishing the moments forever.

Land Room
134 sq feet

These are individual bungalows designed with a traditional Maldivian architectural style. Coconut timber and other local wood materials used in the construction brings the local Maldivian architecture in its true glory. These rooms are a modernized version of a traditional Maldivian house. The front yard features carefully selected local trees and shrubs and a relaxing veranda when you feel like staying outdoors. Guests will have full privacy with the fencing between the rooms by local trees.

Land Room
134 sq feet

Two large spacious family rooms are available with a large decking outdoor for the family. These rooms are also connectable if required. This option is for large families who want to stay together. With a more contemporary modern style, the room’s interiors are more spacious with an outdoor shower area. The surroundings are fenced with trees to give maximum privacy. Let go all your stress in these suites relaxing and reuniting day for family bonding and night only for the two of you.


The spa is located away from the guest areas, and are infused in the thick forests of the island. The spa consists of the main lobby and relaxing area based on the island with a huge water pond to bring you closer to Nature’s. The two treatment rooms overwater provides breath-taking views where the guest can gaze at the lagoon and the surrounding environment while being pampered over water to provide a floating experience. The treatment rooms overlook the beautiful south lagoon of the island, with an infinity view of Dhaalu atoll and her beautiful islands. 


Diving at aaaVeee Nature’s Paradise is all about fun and enjoying. Divers of all levels can enjoy the best dives sites in north of Dhaalu atoll. If you are a beginner, we have special introductory courses that new divers can try before deciding to undertake the full course. For certified divers, a number of diving options are available from house reef dives to the more advance divers to nearby reefs and channels that feature some of the best underwater geography and marine life.

water sports

A range of motorized and non-motorized water sports activities are available from morning till sunset. Activities you could try include jet ski, para sailing, canoeing, banana boat ride, water ski, fun tube and power snorkeling.


Dolphins are magnificent creatures that lurk our oceans every day. They often travel in schools and can be watched best on a dolphin cruise where a boat will take you to the open sea. It provides the best opportunity for guests to get close with this fascinating creature, often entertaining you with their traditional swimming patterns and jumps.

If you are into fishing, then why not take a fishing trip, either a scheduled or private trip at your convenience. Regular fishing activities are organized by the resort and provide guests the opportunity to experience fishing, the second largest industry in the Maldives. Night fishing is the most popular among the activities, but big game fishing and morning fishing tours are also organized by the resort.

sports and recreation

A selection of indoor and outdoor games are available in the resort such as beach volley, table tennis, billiard dart and a variety of card games. This was what the resorts offered in the 70’s and 80’s. These games are available free to all guest.

sports and recreation

Seal your love in the exquisite location of your choice, or let us plan this once-in-a-lifetime moment in aaaVeee style making the big day magical with memories to last forever. Unite two hearts by exchanging vows, just the two of you or with family and friends.

Wining and Dining

  • aaVi Ashi – Sunset bar

    Uniquely shaped wooden deck settled on the northwest side of the island is aaVi Ashi – Sunset Bar, which locally means the vapour deck. The charisma of this bar lies in its location as it gives easy access to the dazzling turquoise water of the Island.

    Recline in the handmade chairs and enjoy commanding views of the beach and sea, at any time of the day whether to relax, socialize with friends or just to admire the glorious views of nature. During the day, it’s a place to relax and enjoy the serenity of waves gently touching the waving beach of the paradise.

  • Vakaru – Main Bar

    Just few steps from the main restaurant is our signature oval bar. The bar connects blends with the surrounding environment with its open corridors all around. Available in the bar is a rich collection of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to suit everyone.

    From the bar counter to the furniture and lighting, everything has been handmade with local materials to reflect the true beauty of Maldivian architecture, which made the first resorts opened in the Maldives so unique.

  • Varabadhi – Specialty Restaurant

    Set away from the rest of the island, is the unique Ala Carte restaurant located on the eastern tip. This restaurant is for those who want to enjoy a private meal of their choice when they don’t feel like eating in the main restaurant.

    The restaurant is very close to the eastern beach, which is a large sandy area that dance like a fish tail from season to season. Here you can either have your meals indoors or on the deck or on this beautiful beach overlooking the island of Rinbudhoo.

  • Veeru – Main Restaurant

    Set in the midst of the lush vegetation, not far from the beach and the main arrival jetty is the restaurant, which features contemporary Maldivian architecture, with the use of sustainable resources in its architectural design. Coconut and other local timber derived from the island has been the primary focus which serve cuisines from all over the world. Simply indulge your taste buds with our daily buffets served both indoor and outdoor settings. At aaaVee Nature’s Paradise, you can be assured that the restaurant provides the best quality of food available, freshly supplied to the island. Wherever possible, our chefs opt for local sources for ingredients.

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