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Greatness ensues

We are a Limited Liability Company, ventured into travel services of Maldives as a Government of Maldives approved tourism enterprise and a licensed Travel Agency of Maldives.

The concept of our venture traces its roots to our visions to remodel the latitudes of the destination service, in progression of our decades long experience and commitment in the destination operations helping thousands of travelers enjoy holidays to Maldives.

This ensuing novelty was born from needs for organizing special handling for some valuable names that turned to our expert solutions. Ventured into the calls effectively with our leading experience, the authentic destination knowledge and the spirit of continuous commitment, from the onset we have been successfully making the best connections between the aspirations and delivery.

In time, our specialist endeavor was advanced to embody a wider range of the very best of this fascinating destination, moving to support a broader call across the globe. Today, we are a global solutions provider that redefines the scales of the destination support, giving out an outstanding customer experience through a range of world-class operations in the Maldives.

Our clients are Tour Operators and Travel Agencies, Airlines, Cruise Operators and Event Organisers from around the world, as well as our enduring corporate and individual clientele who relish our services.

We continue our successful journey that owes to high values of our dedicated and professional team, approved policies and standards, complementing our organizational advances by which our clients’ experience is ever elevated.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be the most admired travel service of the region.

Our mission is to produce the best value and experience for our customers and the rest of the stake holders of our business alike.

Corporate profile

Company Name (Joint Stock Company) ISLAND TRAVEL PRIVATE LIMITED
Directors Ahmed Manik, Areefa Saeed
Business Address H.Morning Vaadhee, Malé, Republic of Maldives
Company Registration C103/2014
Maldives Tourism Registration TRA 1028
Maldives Tourism License 88-LU/TA/2014/67
Tax Identification No. 1046562GST001
Bankers Bank of Maldives PLC, Commercial Bank of Ceylon

Our Promise

Whether you are a self-booker or a Travel Consultant, it is our delight to serve you with our bespoke destination services that guarantees satisfying experience in reaching your needs at the best prices and the fulfillment of every individual requirement.

Our expert guidance perfected by the strategic lineup of our global and local partnerships provide a host of privileges and convenient service options to our clients.

We do continuous enhancements in our processes of service in accordance with the international hospitality and travel industry trends and standards.

Our website provides a brief outlook of our commitment and the application towards an inspiring experience in choosing and booking Maldives travel services by our visitors, and offers support for our partner Operators by being a single window of functionality in the sales process of the Travel Consultant.

Together with our industry and technology partners, we add further value to the functionality of convenience and efficiency that we have initiated.